Participants must adhere to the attached template for the submitted papers. Complying with the structure and volume of a scientific paper is obligatory – title, author/s, institution, abstract, introduction, methodology, results, conclusions/discussion, conclusion, references; up to 25 000 characters (including space between characters). Abstracts must be up to 100 words in Bulgarian and English. They need to include the main goal, methodology and results contained in the paper. The paper should end with information about the author of up to 5 sentences in Bulgarian and English.

The scientific talks (up to 5 pages in total) are presented separately, but they contain important contributions in the thematic areas of the conference. The form of the talks is the same as for the scientific papers.

Each participant has the right to submit one standalone paper and one joint paper.

Students and PhD students must present their own work as individual paper or in co-authorship with other students and PhD students. At the end of the text it should be noted under whose scientific guidance the student/PhD student has worked.